Truth, Integrity, Trust and Respect
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 Guild history/Achievements

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PostSubject: Guild history/Achievements   Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:28 am

Guild Motto: Truth, Integrity, Trust and Respect

Founde​d June 9th 2008 and a top 20 Guild is recruiting. If you are a level 400+ and would like to join a guild that will never have more than 50 members please contact sandqueen ONLY for an interview.
Requirement​s- You must be prepared to wear the correct off line equipment that we require. No stam or XP gear for off line unless they are first approved. Your max stam must be in excess of 5k.

Converging upon a single space and time friends gathered to witness the next stage of their transformation..hands intertwined they step forward into the unknown and dissolve together into the fire to rise as one from the ashes..... Witness the Birth of RESURRECTION !!!

Top 250 Guild Accomplished within 12 days of the Resurrection of this family.

ALL these accomplishments were achieved with less than 50 members in this Guild! No other Fallen Sword Guild can state the same !!

Top 200 Guild Accomplished within 22 Days.
Top 150 Guild Accomplished within 32 Days.
Top 100 Guild Accomplished within 49 Days.
Top 50 Guild Accomplished within 96 Days.
Top 30 Guild Accomplished within 212 Days.
Top 20 Guild Accomplished within 403 Days.

Reached Number 1 on GvG Ladder Oct' 18th 2009
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Guild history/Achievements
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