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 Rules of Guild Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules of Guild Conduct   Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:21 pm

First, we the Leaders of this Guild want to make it clear that FUN is the most important RULE of Resurrection.
We want all members to have FUN. With that said, when something that a member does creates a place where others cannot have fun, then the leaders will warn the offending member, and we will try to move on from there. This guild is not a "Boot or Kick first" Guild. We will always try to address the issue before we make any decisions. The Guild rules are as follows:

1. There wil be NO fighting, arguing, berating of another member in the Guild Chat forum. Members do not log on to watch arguments and fighting, it will be taken to PM. You are not expected to like everyone in the guild, but you are expected to show RESPECT to everyone in the guild.

2. If you go offline with guild "shared" gear on, and it is needed by another member, it will be recalled from you. When it is recalled, and you are left naked and open for attack, that is the choice that you have made by not returning the items to the Guild store. We recommend that each member acquires an off line set that is high attack/damage because of all the GvG's we do and aslo so that you will always have gear on no matter what.

3. ANY DISRESPECT of the council will be dealt with immediately. The members of the council will treat each member of this fine guild with respect and as such, so will each member of the guild treat each counsel member with respect. There will NOT be threats of booting going on in this guild. Everything as a family can be worked out through communication. THIS IS YOUR GUILD this is not CADE"S, or Sands guild but this is your guild. And we want each member to feel that way. We would rather each member be more worried about letting their family down, then to be worried about being booted. We are not worried much about this rule, as we know each of you are the type of team mate, where this issue will not be an issue.

4. Anything said in Guild chat, msn, skype, yahoo, gmail, googletalk stays in Resurrection, nothing is to be copied and pasted to anyone outside of guild and if this happens then it could be a bootable offense. This rule is to be adhered to!

5. When asking for buffs please BUFF YOURSELF AND USE YOUR POTIONS FIRST then ask in guild chat for fill in buffs
(NOTE: Always use the brew master buff before taking potions). You will be surprised as to how many guild members will be willing to buff you. (If you are below 500 use your potions and ask for level 500 and above buffs first in guild chat so that we don’t over buff you and then fill in with what you have this is to save members stam). Please remember for many of the levels under 900 you do not need every buff in the book to one hit. Many players one hit using potions and the lower level buffs that were available before the level 900 and up buffs were available. If you are unsure how to maximize your hunt see the guild forum for one hit guides or ask a guild council member for a link to a guide.

6. NEVER hunt without Adept learner and Librarian buffs/potions.

7. We use a 50/50, hunting vs whatever you want to do with your stam, rule.
This means that when you hit max stam you hunt. The next max stam you can use for pvp/playing the ladder/titan hunting/SE hunting/selling buffs/or whatever you choose. But every other max stam is to be used for a hunt.

8. We do not benefit off our guild mates so if selling potions or gear to the guild please sell below AH prices.
You do not have to sell to guild mates as that is your right to get the most for the items you sell but once again this goes back to respect if selling please do not benefit from your family.

9. No one is to participate in a GvG unless specifically asked to do so by Sandqeen, freyana, Defabs or a council member.
  Please help buff guild mates if they are targeted in a GvG.

10. You are required to join all groups this can be discussed in depth if you require by speaking with Sands, Freyana, Defabs, or a Council member.

11. Please try and log on daily to repair gear if you were a target in a GvG and please do not let your stam bleed.
We understand that real life can make it difficult to hunt but if at all possible please do hunt when you can. If a real life event comes up where you are going to bleed stam for a while please let Sands, Freyana, Defabs, or a Council member know so we don't mistakenly think you have quit the game and boot you.

12. You are required to come into guild chat and chat with us. This is the only way we will get to know you and cement your relationship into this family we call Resurrection. This is an adult guild and this is because chat can become racy and X rated and I do not want to have to censor chat.

13. Please make one gold deposit into the guild bank when you hunt.  We do not specify how much or how little you deposit just that you do so. If you do not have any deposits you may send gold to Sandqueen, Freyana, Defabs, or a council member and we will be happy to make the deposit for you.

14. UB200 or equivalent potion must be used with all crystalline guild items.

15. When recalling gear please when you have finished hunting, repair and return to the bp you recalled them from.

16. Please do not recall any items if it is equipped on a member.
If an item is required please speak to Freyana, Defabs, or a Council member and we shall recall the item or find you an item that is either the same or comparable to the one you need. We do not want to see any player naked due to the GvGs we may have on going.

17. The Udan Sun Orb Relic is off limits. We have an agreement with The Wicked Players that we shall give that Relic a wide berth as it is the final resting place of their former Guild Founder that passed away in real life.

18. There is an 90/10 percentage split with the guild on titan drops.
There are certain titan drops that will be 100% guild contributions until the guild has that item. These rules are more clearly defined in our guild forum under "TITANS" and on our wiki page.

19. "Larrkins" BP will now hold arena gear. "Stevefille's" BP is where the epics are held. "SgtCollins" BP is offlimits, do not send gear to it and do not recall gear from it. If you recall an item from a BP please send it back to that BP when you are done with it.

20.  Guild Epics: 
Guild tagged epics are not to be used as offline gear.   When you want to use guild tagged epics for stam gain you should find out when your next stam gain is due. Then a few minutes before it is due put the stam gain gear on. Once the stam is gained then take the gear off and send it back to Stevefille's bp. That way it is available for everyone to use when they need it for hunting or for stam gains.

21. This final rule is probably the most important.  CADE11, one of the original founders of the guild, insists that Resurrection be a no panty zone guild and I am sure he will ask if I have mentioned this to you if you should be lucky enough to gain entrance to this amazing guild !
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Rules of Guild Conduct
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